Sunday, August 9, 2015

August 9, 2015

So this week has been so awesome. I had a lot of growing experiences. My companion is such a boss! We work hard but we have so much fun! Here is little side story. During lunch we found this laminator and I thought it would be a good idea to put a bunch of sticky notes through it. And I turned them into ninja stars, so now we have like 5 ninja stars and we just throw them at random times. But when I tried to make more I got grounded from the laminator:( but we are like best friends already. I told him about eggie and so he is trying to learn it. Whenever we are around other missionaries we try to speak it as fast as we can! Every morning we do crazy insanity workouts. Which leaves me sore for the rest of the day! Elder Gunnell was like a gym rat before he came out so he loves working out. He can bench 265 pounds and he only weighs like 150, its nuts. During one of our workouts we accidently locked the back door. So we were locked out in the freezing cold and so I had to crawl through this tiny bathroom window.... it was soo small. And then I did some acrobatics so I didn't fall in the toilet!. Sorry that my thoughts are so scattered I will try to pull them together. Last week (my first week) we had so many meetings and planning sessions and trainings that we didn't even come close to reaching the zone goal and so we wanted to make up for it this week and so we made a goal of getting 20 finding hours. And that's probably not that much compared to what everyone else does but we ended up getting 24 hours (that's the most in the mission) and we were blessed by finding 17 new contacts! It was super amazing. One of the contacts name was Amy. We knocked on her door and she tried to make every excuse that she could think of right off the bat. she was like "I'm sick, sorry my husband is not home and wont be until six, and I'm really busy, and I just don't think I can handle something else in my life right now." ect. ect. But we decided that we should go back and try at six to see if the husband was home. So we knocked on the door and when Amy answered she was a completely different lady. She was like "I'm sorry my husband is not home yet but I think this is something that I should look into.... I really need Jesus in my life" Elder Gunnell and I were so stoked we were like skipping down the sidewalk for days. And we had continuous stories like that all week, people would just come out of nowhere and want the gospel. We met this guy walking on the street when we were headed into an apt. And he was like "if your missionaries you probably have something for me to read?" but we had already given out our Books of Mormon so we handed him a pamphlet, and in the top corner of the pamphlets there is a picture of the Book of Mormon. He stopped and pointed to the picture and he was like "what is that?..... I want one of those" it was so awesome so he walked a couple of blocks with us back to the car to get a book of Mormon! so amazing. Another thing that was crazy, this Saturday we went on splits. But not any splits, they are called to serve splits. My companion was a priest from one of the neighboring wards. so my companion who has no idea what to do and I, who also has no idea what to do, were out teaching lessons in the park and tracting and trying to meet less active families! That was a pretty exciting experience! You never know how much you don't know until you have to train someone else! It all turned out good though! We both had a good experience. 

So you know how I drank that cup of milo and then my companion gave me a blessing. ya he is dead convinced that he took all of the symptoms from me and is suffering them instead. This week he had every symptom of being a celiac and it like wrecked him! Now we always joke that we are so unified that if I eat wheat he feels it and if he works out too hard then I am sore the next day! He is now proxy celiac. Guess who I get to go meet this week. David Archuleta and Brad Wilcox are coming this Wenesday to do a fireside for our area! and we get to go! I am so stoked! 

So awkward story! We found this beautiful house and the front yard was amazing.... but it was more like a-maze-ing. It took us forever to get to the front door, but there was this beautiful lounge deck and there was a swimming pool and so we knocked on the door and this lady looked very frightened as she opened the door and the first words she said were "why are you at my back door" hahahah we had been wondering through her back yard some how and ended up knocking on her back door! How scary would that be to hear a knock at your back door and open it to see two men in suits!? haha so that was awesome! so here is my spiritual thought for the week. Neal A. Maxwell once said "lets not write checks with our tongue that our conduct cant cash" so basically be humble, if we are humble then the Lord will make us stronger than ever before. James 4:10 says "humble yourself in the sight of the lord and he shall lift your up! that is such a cool promise. and that leads me to another amazing scripture ether 12:27 the Lord gives us weakness so we will be humble. but that's not bad because through Jesus Christ and his Atonement all weak things become strengths. well I love you all have an amazing week! love elder wiser
this is the plane I flew in its huge!

here is the city of Melbourne from the plane

this is some tag art right when I got of the plane. this picture was taken out of the bus window! that's Melbourne up close

THESE are pictures from the Dandenong ranges last p day they are beautiful. it ended up snowing on us ! it was crazy. so around here all the birds are like beautiful parrots! like what we have in zoos back in the states. they are so common!

this is my suit with my new shoes I got from an op shop

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