Sunday, August 23, 2015

August 23, 2015

So this week started out great by us all playing ping-pong on p-day! We have two tables in our chapel and so the other two companionships in our district came and we had a blast! Elder Gunnell challenged me 5 times, but I was never defeated. This Wednesday was one of the most crazy days! It was zone temple day and it was golden review! So we got to cut our studies short and go to the temple. The temple here is really small but it is so amazing! I had such a fantastic experience. I went with a whole ton of questions and all of them were answered by one chapter in the Doctrine and Covenants! I will never forget it! The feeling that is in the temple is so fantastic, I wish I could go every week! And then right after the peaceful feeling of the temple I had to go strait to the stress of golden review. So golden review is when they test you on what you have learned, and its like competition style. We had to have a bunch of stuff memorized including the first three lessons and all of their key points with a scripture to go along with it. Then they just put you on the spot and ask you questions about what you know. It was kinda funny because Elder Wheeler and I were called up very first to see who could write all the points of the first lesson and a scripture to go along with each one the fastest! So we were both writing like maniacs, it was a pretty good time. And then we just had a bunch of trainings from the mission president and his wife and the assistants to the presidents! and then Elder Gunnell and I gave a training on finding, which I was in charge of putting together! 
     But we had some really cool things happen this week. We had a few miracles. In the beginning of the week I felt like I should just randomly call one of our new contacts that we had a hard time getting a hold of, and when I called she was like "oh ya I would love to meet you, can you meet me right now?" and so we buzzed over and gave her the first lesson and she got really excited about it. She invited us back for Saturday. So we went back on Saturday and we took a recent convert member so she could have someone she knew in the ward other than us. The lesson was powerful but I think she was really overloaded with all three of us there. But she still accepted a baptismal date. So we are really excited to meet with her next week. She is honestly so prepared, when we got there she said that we were sent from God because she needed help, and she had a list of all of the things she wants to change as well as all of her strengths!!!! She is so fantastic. 
     The other miracle that we had. We arrived at a dinner apt about ten minutes early so we decided to knock some doors. We said a quick prayer that we would be able to find a new contact to share the gospel with and then we just walked to one of the neighbours house. This girl in her mid 20's answered and she had no idea what missionaries do and what gospel means and if she believes in God or not. But she was very curious and so she invited us back! When we went back she wasn't there because she got called into work but she left us a note..... how cool is that she actually remembered we were coming. She remembered our names too! but were going back this week to talk to her! her name is Teagan.
     So I went on exhanges this week, and guess what I got to do! I got to drive!!!!!! YA I DROVE A CAR! it was probably one of the most scariest things I have ever done! Everything is backwards! They drive on the left side of the road and the steering wheel is on the right side and the blinkers are on the right side. So every time I tried to blinker the windshield wipers would turn on!!!! and they have all of those crazy roundabout things which are super confusing expecially when your on the wrong side of the road!!!!! But it was a very good experience! I didn't die, so that was good!

This Sunday I was called last minute to give a talk in sacrament! I was actually super excited to talk. So I wrote this talk about having Christ in the center of our lives! and right before I go up to give this talk, I leaned over to Bishop Beckworth and asked who was speaking after me, and he said "there is just a hymn" so as I am up there sharing my talk I look up at the clock and there is still a long time until the meeting ends and I was the last speaker. So I just really started to dive into my stories and get really deep into the scriptures, I just got really into my talk and about five minutes before the meeting was supposed to end, this little piece of paper flew from behind me and landed on the pulpit. guess what it said? "NEED TO CLOSE - THANKS FROM BISHOP"  and so I shut my talk down and went back to sit. and I soon realized that the hymn after me was just a rest hymn and then there was another speaker! OOPS my bad! Needless to say that meeting went on for quite a long time! I felt so bad hahah I was so embarresed! but the bishop was really cool about it!

 I love you all, have a fantastic week! and I would encourage you to go to the temple as often as you can! the temple is so amazing and you will not regret going!

Love/ Elder Wiser

this is Elder Gunnell and I knocking doors in the sunset

Elder albrectson and Elder wheeler and I at golden review

A funny picture of the book of Mormon sun set! It's the word of God! 
You can tell by how its glowing!

A picture of me wearing dads name tag while knocking doors

A picture of the wonderful spring day!

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