Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 16, 2015

So this week, like all weeks was crazy!   Monday at Olinda falls, it was so muddy and I got mud all over my leg, when I went to wipe it off there was this ball of mud that would not come off so I kept hitting it! and then it stuck to my hand! and then I realized it was not mud .... it was a leech, A LEECH WAS SUCKING MY BLOOD! But that was only the first of many! it was like the leaches were raining from the trees! we both got them everywhere and you can't feel them because they are covered in this numbing stuff! it was crazy.
      Earlier this week I was asked to give a training to the district and it was on the Christ like attribute of hope! Hope is so amazing some of the stuff I talked about was that hope is shown by confidence in what you are saying is true, optimism, enthusiasm and perseverance! when we show hope with confidence, optimism, enthusiasm, and perseverance, then we are blessed, which then strengthens our faith! its a really cool cycle!
      oh and I got to see David Archuleta, Brad Wilcox, and President Dudfield who is an area seventy! It was the coolest fireside ever! there was only like 100 missionaries there and it was held in a chapel! David sang "Be Still My Soul" and "Glorious" it was so amazing to hear it live. The spirit was so strong! and then he told us about how he left all of his fortune and fame and a deal that he had with Sony because he knew he had to serve a mission! He said that just like us he didn't feel adequate to preach the gospel but through trusting in the Lord he received strength to do the large task ahead of him! Then Brad Wilcox talked and he is an amazing speaker! He had us laughing so hard! He talked about how as members of the church it is our job to spread the gospel! In his words it was a "birth right" because we get a double portion of blessings but it is our duty to take care of the others! He related the our life on earth to a cruise ship! As believers in Christ we are like the crew and the rest of the world is like all of the guests on the ship! As a crew we are blessed to know where we are going, but sometimes it is tempting because all of the guests are having so much fun! They might seem like they are having a good time but we are receiving something that they are not.... a pay check! A pay check of the spirit in our lives! As believers in Christ it is our duty to get the whole ship back to safety and help it run smoothly along the way! That is just a really condensed version of what he said but it was so powerful! and the President Dudfield didn't have much time but he bore his testimony as a special witness of Christ!!!! it was so powerfull! 
    This week we had some cool things happen with investigators! We called one of the former investigators named mawite but you say it ( moo-ee-tay) she is only 17 but she was asking some of the best questions like " how can I get a stronger relationship with Christ?" and "so how can the book of Mormon help out my life?" it was amazing and so we had this fantastic lesson and then extended the baptismal question!!!!!! and she said she had already been baptised so we are currently trying to help her understand that it is necessary for her to be baptised by someone holding the priesthood authority of God! And then we have this other investigator named Algie! He has had the hardest life I can imagin! He wasn't born of his father he was born of his next door neighbor but nobody knew about it and his mom disowned him and has never ever talked to him! His wife left him because he got hit by a car and couldn't bring home enough money and then when he was recovering he tried to live with his son  and his son came and stabbed him and almost beat him to death with a cricket bat! but all he has left is God and so we get the wonderful oportuninty to help him find strength! he can't read because his son really messed him up with the bat and so we gave him the book of Mormon audio and he loves it! But he is so nice he is so kind! despite all that has happened! he is a talker though and he talks so much that we cant even get our testimonies in and so I started raising my hand! Ya I just sat there and raised my hand until he gave me a break to start talking! I had my hand in the air for about two minutes before he finally stopped talking! it was crazy but we have such a strong relationship with him! I hope he comes to church next week! and we had this other less active guy named Colin and his house smells so bad that last time I was in there It made me sick for the rest of the day! so Elder Gunnel and I thought of the best idea! We got paper and covered it in this very nice smelling mint chapstick and crumpeled it up and then stuffed it in our noses! so we both taught a lesson with our noses plugged with chapstic paper! And he didn't notice so that was good!
We got to go to a baptism of a man in our ward named Conrad! He was excommunicated but now he changed his life and he has the strongest testimony! he asked if I would talk at his baptism so I gave a short talk on baptism! it was such a cool day! 

A spiritual thought for the day! I want to commit everyone who reads this to go and listen or read the talk "Self Worth" by Hyrum W. Smith! it talks about belief windows! it has helped me so much and it can help you to if you apply the principles into your life! I love you all! the church is true and it blesses families every day! have a great week 
 Love Elder Wiser

these are some pictures of my flat

this was mount Dandenong again at some falls called Olinda falls

elder gunnel and I knocking doors at 8:30 in s dark area

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