Monday, June 20, 2016

June 19, 2016

"Gooday all Yous"

Fun fact "yous" is a Australian term and it is the plural form of "you."  Example: "how are yous doing?" or "I hope all is going good for yous."

     This week has been so amazing! We had a baptism, His name is Adam, he is twelve years old and he is very smart. he lives with his Nan and she sat in on all the lessons and helped him to be baptized. He will make a really good missionary some day. The Dandenong area is doing really well. I love it here! this last week we had a miracle, we met with the "Savage" family. Yes, that's really their name they are the Savages. haha! and they are from New Zealand! Most amazing family ever. The son has a girlfriend (Shanay) who is a non-member and so the family invited her to take the discussions. We taught the restoration and the family bore their testimony and then the boyfriend named Kharsle (Castle) bore his testimony of how the gospel has changed his life and the spirit was there. Shanay is now working to be baptised on the 16 of July! The Gospel and teachings of Jesus Christ has already affected her, she came to Church yesterday and she wants her family to be as happy as the Savage family! The Gospel truly blesses families, when the foundation of a family is the teachings of Christ (praying, reading, gratitude, forgiveness, love, etc) that is when the family will be the happiest! and its so cool to see it work in these families lives. 

      In class on Sunday on of the men stood up! He has a big old beard and has tattoos up his arms but once he started speaking you could tell how kind he was. He told the story about how he just started coming back to church after being away for 13 years. His wife and children kept going to church without him and after thirteen years he decided it was time. Once he started coming back to church he said that the spirit was finally in their home and the children stopped arguing and they grew closer together! To some people in the world it might seem crazy that going to a building once a week can make a families love grow that much but to me it just makes sense and I have seen it in my family! But everyone has to put in a some effort, we all have to be seeking to improve. 

       We were able to have our last zone conference with President and sister Maxwell. its going to be so sad to see them leave! But I am very excited to Meet President and Sister Vidmar! We have seen some of his Olympic clips and talks at general conference and he is an absolute power house! If you have  the chance to look him up you should. He is a very motivated man! I love this gospel, I almost feel selfish that I get to experience all the joy and miracles that come from it while others have never even heard about God! I invite you to share some of the blessings that your family has seen because of the gospel with another person who is struggling! and I promise that if you do it will change their lives. It might not be today but it will make the difference down the road! 
I love all yous
Have a great week

Love Elder Wiser

This is probably the last time I will get to see President and Sister Maxwell, they leave in ten days. this is at zone conference.

This is the largest pair of baptismal pants I have ever seen in my life! so I took a picture haha

This is Adam, he is the 12 year old that we have been working with. He lives with his Nan who is a member and he was baptized this week! He is super clever and funny! Nativity is the one who baptised him! It was an amazing experience. Adam will be getting the priesthood this next Sunday!

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